What I Would Expect When Reviewing A Keyword Report For A Local Search Campaign

In my last post, I showed you a keyword report from a campaign put together by a yellow pages company managing a paid search campaign for a local advertiser. In this post, I am going to show you another keyword report and let you compare it. And again I will ask you to sound off in the comments. Thank You Local Seo for taking the time to comment on the last post.

For clarity, let me begin by defining “keyword report” as I used the term – the word or phrase typed into a search engine prior to the ad being clicked as reported by the analytics program.

Here is the report from the campaign set up by a yellow page company if you have not seen it:
Keyword Report

Now, let’s take a look at another keyword report for a different local business engaged in search marketing. They are in different lines of business, so it is not comparing apples to apples. But this is closer to what I would expect when looking at the analytics for a local campaign. (geographic references have been ‘smudged’ for privacy reasons)

Local Campaign Keywords

3 Take Aways

1) In my opinion, it is optimal to see geography plus category – I believe this represents a transactional search and the searcher is close to making a buying decision.

2) The next best thing would be just the category. 49% of local searchers report searching this way. In my opinion, it could represent a transactional search or an informational search, which makes it slightly less valuable than a search that included a geo-modifier, but I would still want to come up in that search using geo-targeting.

3) Advertise for the keyword that is the name of your business…wow… look at the “names” in the searches above. These are the names of competing landscape architectural firms. Did these companies lose referral business because they were hard to find on the web?

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