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I have now received 3 messages (2 emails and 1 letter to my house!) from TrueLocal telling me that they are going to give me 2 months of Free Advertising and a $150 credit for free advertising. Now, I know what you’re thinking… so what… there are a ton of c’mons like that on the internet. And that’s true, but what makes this different is that I am a current advertiser. They actually halted billing.

TrueLocal Homepage

Apparently, TrueLocal is going to revamp it’s paid advertising program and has sent the letter below to all it’s current advertisers.

I have to imagine that this is an expensive way to maintain the current customer base while they transition; but I think they got it right.

So right, that I for one, will likely be a loyal customer when they restart in Spring.

Here is the bulk of the e-mail:

Email From True Local

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