Top 10 Responses To Debra Mastaler’s Link For Sex Proposition From Those You Know And Love

Yesterday, The Link Spiel wrote one of those headlines that takes just a minute to pen but is difficult to resist: Links For Sex, so click-through I did. And of course she had to know that some knucklehead would come along and write a post like this.

That knucklehead? Yes, yours truly…

So, here they are; the top 10 responses from those you know and love.

Response from the Nerd:

Oh, I don’t know… this isn’t covered by Google’s Webmaster Guidlelines… uhh… umm.. Matt Cutts… help… oh… my head is going to explode.

2 Responses from the White-Hat SEO:

If you don’t mind… I’m going to run a backlink check first… and then we’ll talk.

Is this just going to be one of those no-index after things… ?

Answer from the Black-hat SEO:

I will need to redirect that off of a clean proxy… (hmmmm…. the link or the sex?)

Answer from the Hard-Hat SEO:


2 Responses from the Cheapskate:

How much did you say it was to attend one of those conferences?

Who gets the Marriot points?

Response from the Safe Sex Council:

Insist on protection; use Skype.

Response from the techie:

Could you please describe the media type that will be used in the http:/ header request field.

Response from the Country Bumpkin:

Could you errr… tell me more about them thar link farms…

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