Throw Away Your Resume And Find The Perfect Job

I met with the owner of a multi-million dollar company (in terms of revenue) and within an hour was offered my dream job along with a package that included a good salary plus an equity stake… did I mention it is a multi-million dollar company.

How did I do it?

Was it my perfectly organized resume? Nope, I never bothered to put one together.

Maybe it was my perfectly polished appearance? Uh… no… trust me. The meeting was come-as-you-are.

Perhaps, it was the impressive way I prepared for the interview? No, I didn’t have time. We met within hours of our first telephone conversation.

So, how did I find this amazing opportunity? I didn’t… the company’s owner found this blog while researching internet advertising. He was also looking for someone with a diverse set of skills. You see, he owns 2 companies… a garage door repair company in NJ and an advertising agency that primarily handles yellow page advertising. So, check out the skill set he was looking for:

  • Yellow page knowledge… inside and out.
  • Same with Internet Yellow Pages
  • Website Design
  • SEM
  • SEO
  • Management Experience
  • Sales

That just happens to be my exact background… but the odds of us hooking up using traditional job search techniques like resumes, interview, head hunters etc. is exactly zero.

The blog allowed me to build my brand and allowed him to find a find a candidate with the 6 or 7 qualifications he was looking for. Think about it… it’s hard for an employer to find a good candidate when the job requires a single qualification; the permutations when 7 are needed are mind boggling.

So, my advice to anyone who is thinking about changing careers is to worry less about your resume and start building your brand. In other words… start blogging. And employers, depending on what you are looking for… you might consider a Google blog search before heading over to Monster.

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8 Responses to Throw Away Your Resume And Find The Perfect Job

  1. SPK says:

    You know, TC – this is this stuff dreams are made of. Kind of a Hollywood story all of it’s own.

    I recall our years of selling, then managing together. I’m kind of an add guy in the fact that I am an A type driver personality, but I love to learn and listen to those with well thought out ideas and approaches.

    Well, this blog – and now your new career – is an extension of our conversations in your office in Somerset. You gave me the background, the thought process and the tools not only to be a better manager but to be a better person.

    I can think of 2-3 things that YOU gave to me, and I ran with that had significant impact on my success, on my team’s success, an on my life.

    If things get better with time, your new partner just landed in “it”. Congrats, you’ll be awesome.

  2. Matt McGee says:

    Tim – I want to say “Congrats,” but you never told us if you took the job. :-)

    I’ll say it now assuming you did: CONGRATS!

  3. Matt, yes I took it, it’s actually been about 2 weeks and I love it! Thanks for the well wishes.

    Patrick, reading that made a very good day even better… thanks.

    But in all truth I got more than I gave :) It’s funny my relationship with my partner is reminiscent of ours. Because he is so actionable, like you, that I just keep feeding him ideas and he takes the best and runs with them.

    It’ll be fun… I’ll keep you posted.

  4. Larry says:

    Congrats Tim-I am a bit jeolous LOL. I am still looking for my dream job…maybe someday! ;)

  5. MiriamEllis says:

    Hey Tim,
    I’m about a week late weighing in on this because of the move, but I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS! The company is fortunate to have you and I wish you huge good luck! Yay!

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  7. May says:

    Wow congrats Tim!
    I actually read about your achievement on Nick’s Brick Marketing blog about the power of blogging. It might replace resumes in the near future!
    Congrats again! :)

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