The Price is Right for Yahoo! local

The recent changes to Yahoo! local were accompanied by a change to their rate sheet. The previous pricing was fixed fee based on cities and a graduating scale of fees from high traffic to low traffic areas. The lowest price city was, if memory serves, $15/mo. This sounds cheap until you figure that most service businesses serve counties not cities.

So let’s do the math on the old plan for Bergen County NJ. This county has about 70 towns, so under the old pricing plan this would have required me to plunk down over $1000/mo to play. For obvious reasons I did not advertise on Yahoo! local and am sure many other would- be-advertisers opted out for this reason..

Under the new plan, however, all that is changed… coverage in all of Bergen County is now $30/mo. plus the $9.95 monthly fee for the enhanced profile in my category. IMHO this takes Yahoo! Local from a no-buy to a must-buy for any service business. Joining* as a great local search vehicle with a very low entrance fee. Cities like Manhattan can still be purchased and at $100/mo. (may vary by category) should represent a very good value.

Expect the set-up for your advertising on Yahoo! local to be frustrating. Remember it’s new and I would expect them to work on the usability of this soon. For instance I couldn’t figure out how to select the right category… admittedly a big issue. But I went ahead with the registration figuring it would allow me to change categories following an approval period of 5 days, which it did. All-in-all it took about a week to set up and get right but now it’s done and maybe the difficulty will dissuade your competition from signing up, which is even better for you.

* does very well in the NY/NJ area, you may need to consider the IYP affiliated with your local telephone company before jumping right into

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