Search Marketers: You May Never Look At Stumbleupon The Same Way Again

In a typical evening, I will spend a few hours reading blogs about search marketing. I will focus on anything that has to do with local, but will read anything that catches my eye. I start with the ones I have I loaded on my homepage and then when I have time I will go to Sphinn and more recently I have joined Stumbleupon and been delighted with what I have found.

For a change one night I began to Stumble images… which I do regularly now… as I have discovered that Stumbleupon is truly an art gallery.

The strange thing is that I started associating some of these images with search marketing. So, please allow me to share these images with you and let me know if you see what I see… or do I just need to go to bed earlier each night? I also felt a desire to share these wonderful images and provide their talented creators with a little link love.

Offline Conversion

Washing Machine Carted by a Man
Offline Conversion- I don’t think the artist was particularly sympathetic for these people; who are portrayed in this photo the same way that click-and-brick shoppers are often written about by search marketers who are tired of trying to track their shopping patterns.


Beautiful Girl Mirrored by Smoke
Analytics- This photograph was the inspiration for this post because as I stared at what is one of the most hauntingly beautiful photographs I’ve ever seen; I was reminded of all things… analytics.

Social Media

Skilled Photograph of Graveyard
Social Media- I do not say this to be ironic… this image reminds me of my own mortality and makes me want to reconnect with people… to get the most out of everything… and that the internet’s ability to connect us with each other is really the reason we spend so much time in front of it.


Beautiful woman bathing her feet in kitchen sink
Transparency – Ahem… as this is art… we will want to view the entire composition of this beautiful photograph and take note that transparency resides also in the glass window as well as the water. And please… let us hope that that light/lamp thing is not plugged in.

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2 Responses to Search Marketers: You May Never Look At Stumbleupon The Same Way Again

  1. rodolphe says:


    I am a photographer and I just happened to have popped on your website in search of interesting techniques. I really agree with you about the absolute beauty of the photograph with the woman mirorred by smoke. Unfortunately, I would like to understand the photographers’s technique but I cannot figure out who it is. If you know any details about him,could you please send them to me by email?

    Thanks you very much in advance


  2. lizzie says:

    i am a student and i was doing some artist research, when i saw the picture of the lady reflected in smoke, do you thing you could tell me who the photographer was and the name of the pictre??