Only 2435 Subscibers Short Of Andy Beard And Closing Fast… 3 RSS Power Tips

In this post, I will show you how to add subscribers at a blistering pace; as I have over the past month.

Power Tip #1 – The Awesome Default RSS Widget

Analytics Sits Overlay

This image is from the Google Analytics site overlay, which provides a graphical representation of the links on a page that are clicked most often.

This particular post was viewed 369 times on Saturday; and as you can see the little blue thing is farther to the right on the subscribe link than on any other. Indicating this was the most frequently clicked link on the page.

Now, what’s cool about this RSS widget is that when you click the subscribe link it does not bring you to feedburner, where you could actually subscribe to my blog, rather it brings you right back to the home page. So, you can see… I have effectively trapped my visitors.

The goal here is to frustrate your readers into finally clicking on the smallest rss icon anyone has ever seen.

Another cool feature of this rss widget is that you don’t need to know HTML or any coding at all to change what the link says. So, it would be easy to change the anchor text in this link to read: How to hose yourself 369 times in one day.

Power Tip #2 – Use Search Engines To Get Traffic

Search engines can be a great source of traffic to your blog and attract many new subscribers; so you’ll want to get as many pages of your site indexed as possible. This can easily be accomplished with the default settings of your blog and careful internal and external linking. As you can see by clicking on the image below, I was able to get many of my pages indexed 3 or 4 times. This is sure to help get more traffic.


Power Tip #3 – Multiple Domains

referring sites

Glance at the image and it’s easy to see how the default set-up of this blog provides an additional source of traffic.

As you can see, I was able to garner a visitor from in addition to traffic I already get from

The idiots at Google actually call this canonicalization, because they don’t see the power of an entirely new source of traffic… Myself.

And since I am not currently subscribed to this blog. This alone has the ability to drive my subscriber count up by more than 7%.

For New Bloggers

When you first get started blogging, you will probably hear a lot of crap about usability and seo. And believe me it is just that… crap. Pay it no mind and focus on developing great content.

Also, you will not only want to use many of the tips from this post, but also share them with your readers. As many bloggers are interested in getting new subscribers, and these tips are sure to make your new blog very popular.

Oh! You Don’t Believe Me? – Read ‘Em & Weep

Andy Beard’s Blog On Niche Marketing – Subscriber Count.

Andy Beard’s BlogVS.

My Feed Count


Now, all I need to do is keep up my torrid pace of adding new subscribers and I should catch Andy in 14½ years.

Edit: 11/07/07 – I finally changed the subscribe link; I hope this does not reduce your enjoyment of this post.  I should only need 13 years now.

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2 Responses to Only 2435 Subscibers Short Of Andy Beard And Closing Fast… 3 RSS Power Tips

  1. Larry says:

    Good luck-I am one of those subscribers!

  2. Thanks Larry. You were probably hypnotized by the awesome rss feed button.

    Changes to the subscribe link coming soon!