New To Local Search? Save Yourself A Year

Rather than right down my New Year’s Resolution, I decided to resolve it. Sure, it’s a month late but I bet most resolutions have been discarded by this time, so maybe I’m ahead of the game after all. Anyway, the resolution? Oh, yes… to update my blogroll. I have tried to include those blogs that have provided me the most help and inspiration over the past year as I’ve been pouring through material on local internet marketing.

This is the list I wish I had a year ago. If you are a small business or someone just starting out learning about marketing a small business on the web, save yourself a year and bookmark/subscribe each one. You can thank me later.

Of course, most of the links represent the ‘Best in Local’; but others are great blogs on those subjects which one is going to have to become familiar if they want to really learn search marketing. I’ll let you discover those for yourself.

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5 Responses to New To Local Search? Save Yourself A Year

  1. Tim-

    Thanks for the nod!

    Great list, you should publish as an entry as it is an excellant reference source.


  2. MiriamEllis says:

    Thanks, Tim! I appreciate being included.

    “Who do you read?” is a question worth asking anyone who interests you. I know this was something I asked folks when we were getting started in SEO.

    I agree with Mike about publishing this list as its own entry. You’ve got most of my favorite people on there!


  3. Wow, you guys are right. I may just do that… After reading Mike’s comment I started thinking about the diversity of talent on the list; It would truly be a dream team for a small business wouldn’t it? I mean from Design to Visibility… wow!

  4. David Mihm says:

    Tim, I think you’ve pretty much identified THE SMB / Local Search gurus & I am SO honored to be included. To be on the same list as guys like Mike Blumenthal, Greg Sterling, Andrew Shotland, and Matt McGee just makes my night, even more than the Patriots going down :D

    Putting up-and-comers like Will Scott and Miriam Ellis on there is a great idea also, they’re generating some fantastic stuff these days.

    To second and third what Mike and Miriam have said, I have a feeling that a post with these links & a little blurb about each of them might get you more than a few Sphinns :) dm

  5. Will Scott says:


    Thanks so much for the mention. I wish I was as prolific as some of the others on your list. You’re giving me a lot to live up to.

    In fact, this may be the impetus I need to write a few updates :)

    Best wishes in the coming year!