Multiple Google Accounts And Other G-Phone Discoveries

  • Knowing this url: or doing a search on Google for ‘my account’ (it’s the 3rd result) will allow you to manage multiple accounts on Google. Good to know, if for example you have one for business and one for personal. Google does not provided an option to sign in or out on on the G-phone home page provided. You need to navigate to that page, then sign out… you can figure it out from there.
  • Liquid layouts look like hell until they are zoomed out… many look so bad that I’m not sure users will stick around long enough to zoom unless they are familiar with the site.
  • Laying down and reading the internet is really comfortable. This position was previously reserved only for books. Prediction: More time on the internet… less time watching TV.
  • If it’s in Flash I won’t see it…
  • Javascript is turned off by default… there is an option to enable.
  • Apps wish list – screen capture. I hope someone comes out with this quick before Snag-it charges me for it next year when Market will allow paid apps.
  • Viewing pdf’s was quick and simple… I was able to view it quickly without the option to download… a more pleasant experience than I am accustomed to with this format.
  • Every telephone number on every webpage is in effect “click-to-call.”
  • Double-tapping an image is the equivalent of the right-click; it allows viewing and saving the image.
  • Yellow Book provides a yellow pages app complete with auto-complete. It worked well but… uh… the phone comes with google maps… it is the G phone after all; so it doesn’t really take-on an unsolved problem now does it?
  • If you are Curious whether folks are finding your site on the Gphone or iPhone. Shimmy over to Google Analytics (you must have Google Analytics hooked up to your website) and look under Visitors > Browser Capabitities > Browsers and OS. Here’s how it looks:
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