Interview With Local Search Guru: Mike The Internet Guy… He’s Ba-aaack!

Mike the internet guy logoMike Belasco’s – Mike The Internet Guy Blog, has always been one of my favorites in the local space. It is certainly one that I subscribe too… but in the last couple of months it was the same 3 posts each time I logged on… until last week.

It came back to life… a new article flashed up on the center of my iGoogle home page… Mike announced his return! Curious and seeing an opportunity to learn, I reached out to Mike for an interview.

It was Super Bowl weekend and I knew from Mike’s post how busy he was… so I proposed an email interview.

We went back and forth a few times and if it is possible for a person to be “approachable” by email, Mike is… and in the true spirit of the SEO multi-tasker, Mike had the answers back to me within an hour of Brady’s 4th and 20 Hail Mary!

For those who don’t know Mike; he runs a successful local SEO company in Denver.

Mike, you were on hiatus for a few months; was that because you were busy putting together seOverflow or depressed after the Rockies loss in the World Series?

Tim, it was a little of both plus some well deserved vacation time, and a whole lot of work! I am actually a bigger Astros fan than Rockies fan, but it would have been nice to see the Rockies win it all (I have been a Colorado resident since 1996).

Could you tell us a little about seOverflow and how it’s different from what you were doing before as “Mike the Internet Guy”?

seOverflow was established to better target my best customers and referral sources: web designers, marketing consultants, and other SEOseOverflow Logo companies. The company has a little more professional and “bigger” image that I think will help the business grow even larger. We are doing the same great SEO/PPC with the same great people, but now have a new image to grow with us.

Could you expand a little on what seOverflow does for other SEO firms, what is its Unique Selling Proposition?

As for us working with other SEO firms, we can be the “go to” overflow company for many different types of SEO/PPC firms. We have several companies right now that refer business to us whether that be a straight referral or just a case of offloading some work that has been overbooked. The unique selling proposition is that we provide very high quality work for very reasonable prices and don’t off load the work to low quality staff overseas. We care for other companies clients just like our own.

Hmmmm… good to know that service exists. You mentioned on your recent post that your goal was to get back to being the best blog in the local space, Could you give us a little preview of what to expect?

Well my goal is to blog once/twice a week on seOverflow blog (custom theme coming soon) and the Mike The Internet Guy Blog. I am presently making an editorial calendar of posts I want to get to and then I will also cover more recent news and discoveries I make along the way.

I look forward to some good reading, before we wrap up, how about a tip? What are a couple of things you would do if you were a local roofing or painting contractor who just got their first web site and are looking to get new customers from the web?

Tim, thats a good question and I would hate to give you one of those “it depends” answers so I’ll just speak from my experience working with new small businesses. Typically these business got some type of “out of the box” website and have virtually no budget to spend on search marketing. Their websites are typically very hard to work with as they are either hosted in some type of CMS or contain way too much text inside images. So what I would recommend to a business person in this situation is to sign up with a service that will get your name, address etc out to as many of the IYP and review sites as possible. I would then recommend developing a program whereby customers are encouraged to leave feedback and comments on these sites. A small PPC campaign could also be a good bet if managed correctly. I would then recommend taking the profits and investing in a very nice website and SEO. Again though it totally depends on the situation however including the size of the are the company is geo-targeting, the competitiveness of their services etc.

Good advice… thanks Mike

Tim, thanks again for the interview. I appreciate the opportunity. I am also looking forward to reading your blog on a more regular basis as well. I checked out some of your articles and you have got some real juicy stuff in the archives. Keep up the good work!

Visit seOverlflow’s About Us page to learn more about Mike and get a quick introduction to his Local Seo Team.

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3 Responses to Interview With Local Search Guru: Mike The Internet Guy… He’s Ba-aaack!

  1. MiriamEllis says:

    Hi Tim,
    Really nice interview. I’m going to hop on over and check out seOverflow now.

    I feel Mike’s pain about the budget/state of website issue with SMBs. His suggestion to start out with IYPs is good. The trouble with this is, if the website is awful, incoming visitors from this action may not be able to interact well with the site. It’s surely a chicken-and-egg problem.

    I enjoyed this post.

  2. Glad to see Mike is back – I was also visiting sporadically and getting dissapointed repeatedly. As to the interview, those tips were fresh to me and just help confirm that Mike’s one of the best in this game :).

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