With Local.com recently changing it’s advertising format, and Microsoft adding a link to make it easy for a small business to add their business info, I decided I needed a place to keep track of it all. So, I set up this internet advertising matrix. I did so with the search marketer in mind, but I hope anybody that is looking to generate business by advertising on the internet will find it helpful.

I included:

  • Prices and Set-Up Fees
  • Ad formats; i.e PPC, Fixed Fee Pay for Call
  • Ad features
  • Links to add free business profiles or listings on all the sites that offer that feature.
  • A graphic of how advertising will appear on each of the sites with a rather large thumbnail
  • And how it will appear if placed through a network

It is my hope to keep this page current, accurate and helpful. Any help you can provide to that end will be appreciated. I am also concerned about load time; if that is a problem, you would be conferring a favor to let me know.

My goal is that this document can serve as a checklist for busy search marketers when they begin a new campaign.


AOL Search Results

  • Advertising on AOL is distributed from the
    Google Search Network
  • 3 local listings presented on Search
    Result Pages From AOL Local Organic
  • Organic Results are from Google

AOL Local

AOL Local Search Results

  • Ads on AOL Local are blended results
    from AOL Media Network and the Google
    Search Network
  • Pay for Call Ads are Distributed from
    the Ingineo Network
  • Organic Results are from AOL Local (Mapquest)

AOL Yellow Pages

AOL YP Search Results

  • The Advertising on top of the results is from AOL Media Network
    and the Google Search Network
  • The Pay for Call Ads are Distributed by
    the Ingineo Network
  • The search results are from Yellowpages.com.
    Tiered Advertisers followed by listings.


ASK.com Search

  • Ask Sponsored Listings
  • Ask sponsored listings are PPC.
    Minimum Bid: 5 ⊄
  • Initial Deposit (refill amount): 3x daily budget for
    all campaigns
  • Automatically opted into Ask Content Network. But
    you may disable it.

Ask City

ASK City Search

  • Ask Sponsored Listings
  • Ask sponsored listings are PPC.
    Minimum Bid: 5 ⊄
  • Initial Deposit (refill amount): 3x daily budget for
    all campaigns
  • Sponsored Listings are placed at the bottom of
    the results on Ask City
  • Reviews from Citysearch are displayed with stars
    at the listing level


Google Search

  • Google Adwords
  • Adwords are PPC.
    Minimum Bid: set for each keyword by Google
  • Initial Deposit: $5.00
  • Automatically opted into Google Search Network and
    Google Content Network. May disable both.
  • Placement-Targeted Ads (formerly site-targeted) allow you to choose from a list
    of websites across the internet to place your ads

Google Maps

Google Maps

  • Add your listing to Google Local Business Center
  • Up to 1 ad is placed on top of the search results. More ads displayed
    after Map’s organic results
  • Must have an Adwords Account
  • Must be opted into Google Search Network and
    create a Local Business Ad



  • Up to 7 ads are placed above Local.com’s results
  • Top 3 Sponsor Links are from the Yahoo! Content Network
  • 3 Feature Sponsors are PPC ads from Superpages.com
  • Next Sponsored Link is either a PPC from Superpages.com or
    a Pay-for-Call ad distributed by Ingenio
  • Advertising on Local.com is $49.95/mo.. it includes
    “top placement” on Local.com with your listing in red and link to your website
  • Add your Business Profile to Local.com for free.


MSN Search Advertising

  • Up to 8 PPC ads are placed on the first page of results with
    up to 3 appearing above the organic listings
  • Microsoft adCenter
  • Initial sign-up fee: $5.00
  • Automatically opted in to the adCenter content network but
    you may disable it.

MSN Local

MSN Local listing


Superpages Advertising

  • A blend of up to 8 PPC/Pay-for-Call ads are displayed first; followed by fixed-fee placement priced by tier and geographic reach
  • Initial deposit for PPC/PFC ads: $50 (applied to clicks/calls)
  • $15.00 monthly minimum spend
  • Automatically distributed out to Superpages Network. Cannot opt out.
  • Add your free Business Profile

  • Minimum Click: 20 Cents. Minimum Call: $2.00.

  • Yahoo!

    Yahoo Sponsored Search

    • Up to 12 PPC ads are placed on the first page of results with
      up to 4 appearing above the organic listings
    • Yahoo! Sponsored Search
    • Initial deposit: $30.00
    • Automatically opted in to the Yahoo! Publishing Network content network but you may disable it.
    • You may pay $49 annually to
      be indexed by Yahoo!
      ; includes up to 5 urls

    Yahoo! Local

    Yahoo Local Advertising

    • Add your listing to Yahoo! Local
    • Up to 3 ads are placed on top of the search results. More ads displayed
      after local organic results
    • Pricing is Fixed Fee and Priced by Reach & Category.
      Example: Power Washing Bergen County NJ =$30/mo.
    • Must have an enhanced business listing in order to purchase
      advertising: $9.95/mo.


    Yellowpages Advertising

    • Advertising results are tiered and pricing is fixed fee, based on geographic reach and placement.
    • Add your free listing. You must
      sign up to add your free listing to yellowpages.com

    34 Responses to Internet Advertising Matrix

    1. MiriamEllis says:

      Holy Toledo, Tim!!!

      This is absolutely awesome! I will bookmark this, blog about this and pretty much tell the world what you’ve assembled here.

      Incredibly valuable.

      Wonderful, wonderful!

    2. Will Scott says:

      Wow Tim,

      This is a great resource!

      This will really help to prioritize those ad spends.



    3. Will & Miriam, thanks. It just seems to get more time consuming everyday… even when your just trying to figure out where to enter business profile info and stuff like that. I hope it helps.

    4. brandi bormuth says:

      This looks great but you forgot Citysearch.com. They have a tons of great local advertising options.

    5. Brandi… I didn’t forget Citysearch. In fact it was a difficult decision to leave them off. In the end, I decided I needed to stop here for now… mostly because my neck and shoulders hurt but also because I was concerned about load time.

      I am actually considering adding CitySearch, Insider Pages and maybe Yelp, which I need to research further.

      Thank you for expressing interest… it’s great motivation.

    6. earlpearl says:

      Great work, Tim. thanks for the review

    7. While this is a great list, there are many other places to which businesses want and, in fact, need to post. The http://www.universalbusinesslisting.org is an industry initiative aimed at providing one place for businesses to post out to all the major locations. This also includes enhanced information like product deatils, brands, video links, social network links, coupons and free updates. Some of your readers would like to cinsider this low cost solution.

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    9. Chip says:

      This is pretty cool… all in one place.

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    11. Sami kassab says:

      Hi there,
      i work as a financial analyst covering the yellow pages and local online ad markets in Europe and the US.
      Thank you very much for sharing with us this fascinating piece of work. Could i kindly ask you if you also did the work for yellowbook.com?

      Many thanks!
      I am happy to share our research on the directories market with you if interested. Please let me know!
      +44 207 039 94 48

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    13. Tim,

      Talk about small world, I’m researching how we can gain exposure for our new team website and your name pops up. At least now I know what you do. Glad to know you’re actually getting some work done between cocktails and bull runs.

    14. Hey Erik, Wrong Tim, but I’m glad you stopped by… hopefully this will save you some time.

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    16. Patricia says:

      As a follow-up you might investigate the recent merge of YELLOWPAGES.com and Superpages.com….You should also check out ReachLocal.com.

    17. Having worked for two of the above mentioned companies I can say you are right on your information. Very informative!
      Thank You!

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    21. Thanks for all the awesome information. Right now, especially, the information on Google is important. Google is the biggest search engine out there and if you can understand how they work, you can make it big.

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    24. Seocess says:

      Nice compendium, awesome work! If you are planning to buy advertising, you’re correct, these are the places to be. I know Google is essential, how important are the other site compared to Google(speaking traffic ofc)?

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