Increase CTR And Conversions By Reading Your Customer’s Mind

What is a person looking for when they go to a search engine and type in:

‘Painter Paramus NJ’ ?

Because of the geographic indicator, we can probably rule out Van Gogh, Mona Lisa and that stuff. So, it is presumably a house painter. But let’s go further… can we guess their intent? Do they want their whole house painted, the interior painted or the exterior painted? I would bet a majority are looking for either an exterior painter or an interior painter. So, If I guess right, will the searcher be more likely to click on my ad? Which one would you click on if you were looking for an interior painter?

adwordpainting.gif adwordpainter2.gif

Both mention interior… but in the first ad we created the “appearance of specialization”, which could lead to the searcher having a predisposition to doing business with us. The second ad, that is trying to be everything to everyone, ends up being lost in the crowd.

Let’s try another in the uber competitive Insurance industry.


Now here again, we will not get a response from most of the searchers. If they are over 25 they’re lost… for sure. But how about those between 17-24? That group would need to be handcuffed in order to not click on this ad. And here again by targeting them specifically, we should create in the searcher a predisposition to do business with us, which would lead to higher conversions. And if we get a majority of the clicks from one group, that could push the CTR higher than getting a low number of clicks from everyone.


To use this concept for your business, just try and guess a specific intent of the search and match it with the copy. Be willing to say no to one group, so that you are the one and only choice for a subgroup.

Obviously, with all of the ads shown you will want to create a landing page specifically for that ad. Please don’t take them to the home page.

Then test the CTR with a simple split-test against the ad you’re currently using.

To test conversion, use this concept in a keyword that has essentially the same intent as another one of your keywords, i.e. Home Painter vs. House Painter, Car Insurance vs. Auto Insurance. And then compare the conversions of the 2 ad groups. You will be measuring your ability to create purchase intent on the search page. Which is pretty cool!

Small Business Commando has a very good post on using targeted copy while expanding keywords to get more traffic

***Note – This post was inspired by the work of Kerry Randall, with whom I once spent 10 minutes on the phone and was inspired. That says a lot about him, doesn’t it… and I continue to be inspired by his writing. Tragically, Kerry died in 2005 at a much too early age. His book, anachronistically titled
Win The Yellow Pages War
(not an aff link), is as appropriate and inspiring for local search marketing as it is for Yellow Pages.

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