An Adwords Tip From The Masters: Get Your Local Site To #1

Presumably those writing and selling guides for Adwords are pretty good at it themselves, so let’s have a look and see if they care about the display url:


Notice the keyword is “Adwords guide” and each of these PPC Jedi have gotten the word Adwords into their URL.

It seems these folk think the display url is pretty important. But can it help for a local service business? Let’s go to the video tape…


This painter in Chicago used the url to get them to the top of what for them is probably their most important keyphrase. Notice that all of the advertisers in the coveted top 3 spots have the keyword in their url.

Now, let’s take a look at one of the more competitive phrases in local:


Here again, 3 out of 4 of the top results all contain the keyword in the URL. I particularly like the way it is used in the 3rd result. How the term is used in the url stem (the part after the slash). Perry Marshall uses this technique in his ad above. It allows you to maintain your url brand and still let the searcher know they will be taken to a relevant page. And reminds those setting up the ad to take a searcher to the correct page, rather than just the home page. Google does allow you to shorten the display url if it doesn’t fit. So, for instance, you could shorten:


This should also benefit your ad’s Quality Score.

For a local site I also like to see the geographic indicator in the url. It seems to almost follow the convention of the yellow pages with an address as the last line.

Here is an example of how I would write the url for the search query: personal injury lawyer in manhattan

Of course, that domain is no longer available; but it gives you an idea of how you want to use the url when writing the 4th line of your ad.



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