Google Maps Update – 10 Pack Displays For County Search

Google continues to expand the types of searches for which it displays the 10-Pack. Today for the first time I found the 10 pack for a search with a county geography.


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5 Responses to Google Maps Update – 10 Pack Displays For County Search

  1. earlpearl says:


    I ran some county searches for NJ,
    VA, and MD. I see more maps for county names in NJ than in VA or MD right now. They are probably rolling that in.

    If I do a county name wherein the same county name is in more than one state, I don’t see a 10 pac. Add the state initials and I see a 10 pac.


  2. MiriamEllis says:

    Hey Guys,
    I see what Dave is seeing. With state initials, 10-pack, without, no 10-pack. Interesting!

  3. Yup me too! I used Orange County and plumber – no 10-pack… add the ‘CA’ and Voila.

    There’s a part of me that is disappointed. I liked having one geo-term that I could just focus on organic and not have to think about Maps. Oh, well.

  4. Thanks for a very useful post, Tim. I have referenced it on the Akesios blog and added some commentary about the UK, where this functionality is fully rolled out.

  5. earlpearl says:

    As to counties, there are many county names that are repeated in numerous states. To the extent that a 10-pac is going to show up in an orgnanic search it makes sense that the county name be followed by the state name(initials) for clarification.

    As to having to optimize for organic and maps….Tim: it makes you sharper!!! :D