Get To The First Page Of Google: The 4 Essentials Of Ranking A LinkLess Small Business Website

#1 – Paraphrasing Mike Grehan, author of The Search Engine Marketing Book:

If you create a page about a unique word or phrase, you can easily rank for that term.

As an example, if you were to create a site about xandrough, Google will want to return that site when a searcher uses that term because your site would be the most relevant to that term. The problem of course is that nobody is likely to type that into any search engine because the word does not exist, so ranking for it won’t do any good. However, how about a keyphrase like:

Landscape Design Sussex County, NJ

Google Results Page

Now, the possibilities of this concept seem pretty exciting for Landscapers located in Northwest, NJ. To check this, click on the image above and you can see that the sites returned in the organic lack a sense of relevancy. Is that because, like xandrough, it is not likely to be typed into the engine. I don’t think so, as you can see many landscapers are competing for the phrase in Adwords. It actually looks to me like a phrase that is juicily near a conversion worth thousands of dollars.

Try a search like this for your business plus a regional term. If you don’t find many sites that match that query, there may be an opportunity.

#2 – Search Engines Return Pages Not Sites on the Results Page

With this in mind for the example above; the page has to be about Landscape Design in Sussex County, not the site. In other words, if one page on your site is about landscape design and another page is about sussex county, no page of your site will come up for the keyphrase: ‘landscape design sussex county’.

This can be used to the advantage of the linkless site, making it possible to come up in the results for multiple search queries. For example, one page could be for Lawn Maintenance, while another could be Landscape Design.

For more on this see Local Biz Bits

#3 – The Order and Proximity of The Keywords Matter

Write a sentence or phrase that contains both the service and the geographic term and have those terms in close proximity.

High Rankings Advisor has a great explanation of Keyword Proximity.

SearchRank provides another great example of how to write for search engines.

#4 – Time

It will take some time before the search engines trust a linkless site. So, you may just to have to wait. However, if your site is a couple of years old and you re-write it, applying some of these principles, you may be able to rank for your terms as soon as the next time Googlebot visits your site.

To speed some things up even more you may want to add your business listing to Google Maps and verify your business listing. After filling out the information you will recieve an automated telephone call and you will have to enter the numbers they provide you.

Also, you could fill out the business profile on Don’t just set up a listing, you want to make sure you add your url to the business profile… Google only spiders business profiles on, not the rest of the site.

The above options are free… the links they provide won’t have any value in ranking your site in search results but they may help your site get indexed quicker by google. And they both get traffic in their own right and could score you some work.

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  1. Good stuff. Google is the new phone book and the first page is the prime real estate. Many local business owners are getting crushed by not being on the the first page in their market

  2. Jamey Kirby says:

    We have never paid anyone for our location on Google or for our page ranking. We are always on the front page multiple times in some cases.

    If you search for ‘Energy Drink’, two links show up for our product on the front page; ahead of Red Bull! We show up in images, news, blogs, etc… in high order.

    If you explicitly search for us by name ‘cocaine energy drink’, you will be overwhelmed with links to us and about us.

    Set you keywords and make them relevant (no more than say 12). Set your page titles. Once you do this, leave them alone! Change whatever you like on your page, but keep the meta tags and titles the same.

    Pick you tags and titles carefully!


  3. Bill says:

    I have a website with a pr1,it falls first on select keywords,if were a pr3 I would dominate my local area.

  4. Good and relevant content is always needed though the bigger your site the more food for the google spiders!!

  5. ECS says:

    Sounds like some good tips & advice, free too!

  6. It is really hard to get on Page rank for your desire keywords. I am stuck on page two, still working on it.
    Thanks for the tips.

  7. WebTraffic says:

    Great tips. The difficulty in doing this is based upon how competitive your keywords are and how good and unique your website content is. Search engines are one of the main sources of many web traffic sources to a website.

  8. William Drope says:

    Their are many different strategies and methods to increase search engine rankings, some of the points on this page I agree with and some I do NOT. Black hat SEO is not the way forward this is mainly a tactic people will use to get on the first page of Google for a certain amount of time but when Google see’s what you are doing, you will more than likely get sandboxed, you really do NOT want that, your website will then drop like a ton weight !!! I have been optimising websites for a long while now and the manual link building is the best advice I can give anyone to increase there search engine rankings it is effective and if done correctly will seriously increase your ranking, with that it should with time increase traffic

  9. Baby Hats says:

    Great information! This should help greatly ;)

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    I just started to promote my new website and I’m trying to wrap my head around the whole rankings thing. Thanks for the tips!

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    very good info.Actually if the keyword is very competitive then it is the time to look something for different.

  16. keith says:

    very nice post we need more blogs and posts like this to help everyone out as some clients dont have the funding for alrge marketing campaigns
    thank you seoconsultancyonline

  17. very nice post we need more blogs and posts like this to help everyone out as some clients dont have the funding for alrge marketing campaigns
    thank you seoconsultancyonline

  18. van removals says:

    getting to the first page is very hard but not impossible u need to get alot of time to get there

  19. Great advice and great article. Next time you do a search, click on the word “cached” next to any site, to see highlighted where and how many times on the page google found the key word or phrase was searched. You must however have other pertinant information.

  20. mello says:

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    and see what happens.

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  22. Pat says:

    Helpful information but there is much to getting to page one and more importantly staying there. Some poorly set up sites with no backlinks and no PR beat you and you just wonder how they are doing it!

  23. Andy says:

    Thanks, just what I was looking for. Will try and see what happens.

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  34. Getting on the first page of google is not as hard as one might believe and i have done it time and time again even when in a highly competitive market.

    One must always make sure they are using unique content and valuable information and new content to keep visitors coming back for more. If Google and the search engines see that people are following you they will start to trust the site more and more which will results in higher rankings.

    Make sure you provide content that google will consider first page material for google to consider to be on the first page of the best search engines

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    I am newish to SEO but not website design. I would love to know why Google is ignoring my main key words’ web’ ‘page’ and ‘website’. I asked for help in the Google Webmaster forum, but they arrogantly laughed at me because I’m a website developer. I recently lost my job and need this business to take off! Any help would be highly appreciated.

  42. Eric says:

    I’ve been stuck at Page rank 3 for ever. I thought I would be at least a 4 by know. I have at least 3 pagerank 8 back links including Yahoo directory. Any advice what more I can do?

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