Get To The First Page Of Google: The 4 Essentials Of Ranking A LinkLess Small Business Website

#1 – Paraphrasing Mike Grehan, author of The Search Engine Marketing Book:

If you create a page about a unique word or phrase, you can easily rank for that term.

As an example, if you were to create a site about xandrough, Google will want to return that site when a searcher uses that term because your site would be the most relevant to that term. The problem of course is that nobody is likely to type that into any search engine because the word does not exist, so ranking for it won’t do any good. However, how about a keyphrase like:

Landscape Design Sussex County, NJ

Google Results Page

Now, the possibilities of this concept seem pretty exciting for Landscapers located in Northwest, NJ. To check this, click on the image above and you can see that the sites returned in the organic lack a sense of relevancy. Is that because, like xandrough, it is not likely to be typed into the engine. I don’t think so, as you can see many landscapers are competing for the phrase in Adwords. It actually looks to me like a phrase that is juicily near a conversion worth thousands of dollars.

Try a search like this for your business plus a regional term. If you don’t find many sites that match that query, there may be an opportunity.

#2 – Search Engines Return Pages Not Sites on the Results Page

With this in mind for the example above; the page has to be about Landscape Design in Sussex County, not the site. In other words, if one page on your site is about landscape design and another page is about sussex county, no page of your site will come up for the keyphrase: ‘landscape design sussex county’.

This can be used to the advantage of the linkless site, making it possible to come up in the results for multiple search queries. For example, one page could be for Lawn Maintenance, while another could be Landscape Design.

For more on this see Local Biz Bits

#3 – The Order and Proximity of The Keywords Matter

Write a sentence or phrase that contains both the service and the geographic term and have those terms in close proximity.

High Rankings Advisor has a great explanation of Keyword Proximity.

SearchRank provides another great example of how to write for search engines.

#4 – Time

It will take some time before the search engines trust a linkless site. So, you may just to have to wait. However, if your site is a couple of years old and you re-write it, applying some of these principles, you may be able to rank for your terms as soon as the next time Googlebot visits your site.

To speed some things up even more you may want to add your business listing to Google Maps and verify your business listing. After filling out the information you will recieve an automated telephone call and you will have to enter the numbers they provide you.

Also, you could fill out the business profile on Don’t just set up a listing, you want to make sure you add your url to the business profile… Google only spiders business profiles on, not the rest of the site.

The above options are free… the links they provide won’t have any value in ranking your site in search results but they may help your site get indexed quicker by google. And they both get traffic in their own right and could score you some work.

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  1. An interesting post. The “off-page” zealots would have you believe that “on-page” is an irrelevance. Good to see someone who still believes that on-page counts.

  2. Rich Reader says:

    In the second paragraph of item #1, the last sentence reads: “It actually looks to me like a phase that is juicily near a conversion worth thousands of dollars.”

    Should the word “phase” be corrected to read “phrase”?

  3. To Rich:

    Yes, that should read phrase. Thanks for catching it. I’ll correct.

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  5. cranicar says:

    I would like you to help me get my site onto googles first page.

  6. Fleemarkets says:

    Interesting…so, I’m assuming it would work for any web site. For example I have a successful work at home business online, if I apply the same principal it will work for my site as well?

  7. Drillquest says:

    Strange enough I can’t get our page ranked high at all, while lots of amateur pages in the same business, having no idea on webdesign get right to the top.

    Thanks anyway for the tips

  8. Very good suggessions. There are some other tips you may find in the hubpages.

  9. Thank you for this great post. On my blog I commented about the downside of this recent change: keywords may show as “active”, when they are really “inactive”. This complicates bidding optimization, and makes it very difficult to accurately judge when it is ok to delete keywords with no impressions.

  10. Igal says:

    Check out this website,
    do you have any idea of to bring this webpage to first page on google for USA?


  11. Hooman says:

    We are searching for a management team to manage our URL on the first page of search engines as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavita,,
    Bset Regards

  12. I see many sites on page one of ggogle that have no PR..does this really matter to work for a high PR?

  13. Its not so easy to be on the first page of Google because nobody knows what the adjactly methodology they used. Unrepeated title word, Unrepeated meta description but maximum 150 characters, 10 – 12 keywords, unique contents, link building with high PR of the link pages can make a site in the first page very easily.

  14. Librarian says:

    Seattle Inspector,

    As this article mentions, it’s certainly possible to get to the first page with a low PR, but the question is will anyone type a suitable search to get to that page? In some cases, yes.

    For example, do a Google search for “bangkok library” (no quotes required) and the first result (of about 7 million) on the first page is with a PR of zero! Click the result and you’ll see there is plenty of relevant content for Bangkok and library. Interestingly, if you search for “library bangkok” the site is not listed on the first page.

    Even if you have a website which ranks on the first page, it may be difficult getting others to link to you if you have a low PR. Google is important, but getting links is also an important way to draw visitors to your site and so cannot be ignored.

  15. RObert says:

    I had my site on firs page on google with keywords such as wedding disc jockey but when I made the site look good, I lost first page. Before I optimized the page I did’nt know what I was doing, now I optimoze it and know a little and change its look, I get on page 11. What is really going on ?

  16. I almost beleive people give some type of huge payment to be on google first page especially if their making over 200,000.00 a month. Do the math. type disc jockey and see who come’s up first and see how much they charge for their service.

  17. high fiver says:

    I guess this concept works well for blog posts.

  18. Lisa A says:

    I’m trying to see if I can at least make the top three pages. I wanted to know more on how to get on the first page of google so I decided to read up on it before doing anything. I’ll see what happens. Thanks for the advice.

  19. andremoves says:

    i’m trying to get to the first page but is hard

  20. An interesting post. I see many sites on page one of ggogle that have no PR

  21. how can i get accont in google

  22. Bibokz says:

    Great post…

    I see many sites on page one of google that have no PR.

    PR played a small part on google SERPS, what important is content and backlinks.

  23. MJ04 says:

    Hi there!

    What’s the relationship PR on site and be number one on “Google” search engine?

    It’s has sense?

    Marc Jansen

  24. Escort says:

    I have some pages ranking first and my site is just pr 1, i just create long sentences!

    Thanks for the post

  25. Great tips. PR is a reflection of the weight of a particular page. Its just a tool not the do all end all. Thanks Again!

  26. Raghavendra says:

    But i have used every keywords which give high ranking whats gone wrong in my website.

  27. Ollie says:

    Hey Man,

    Great post. A lot of interesting stuff in your article.

  28. This has helped Alot!

  29. Thanks i’m trying it own my website lets see what happens. Thanks a lot for knowledge sharing.

  30. hi every body if you can read this because you are very close ………heh
    my point is can,t see my friend my image how can see in google________________

  31. gmpoint says:

    thanks for the tips and the explanation,it’s really great

  32. thanks for the tips and the explanation,it’s really great, i appreciate

  33. Cat Sneezing says:

    now i see..

    i will going to first page in google in weeks now

  34. BIll says:

    So my posting of my URL here will help generate traffic?

  35. I agree with some folks talking here about seo, but you forgetting other vital elements of websites

  36. Emad Zyed says:

    I am on 9th page and need to get up rating.

  37. Web Traffic says:

    Great tips. The higher you rank for search engines the more results pour in. I am trying to rank up my Web Traffic Page and stumbled upon this page. Great stuff here. Thanks and good luck to all …

  38. Veronika says:

    It looks as if Google employs a totally different strategy for ranking high-competitive sites. And it is hard to learn it and do seo for it yet…

  39. susan moore says:

    Please can someone help me.A freind of mine had a story written about her,by a tabloid,which was not all true.When she enters her name it appears top of google.she has asked the tabloid to remove it but they wont.
    Is there a way she can get it off page 1 by creating domains in her name,to push the one she doesnt want people reading off page 1.If anyone can help i would be so grateful.

  40. **Sudip** where the sight maybe only 2 months old (I didn’t check) it has over 1000 links pointing at it, which goes beyond the scope of this discussion.

  41. One thing you do not want to do if your site has already been indexed by Google is mess with your title tag or headers. If you do this it could cause you to loose your position in SERPS. A friend of ours who has a site that provide escorts in Dubai discovered this the hard way.

  42. Create Polls says:

    Thank you for providing these useful tips.

  43. Renata says:

    it’s great, that I created a website by myself with no knowledge about it, but it’s much harder to publish it in google search, even I did submit my website already 5 days ago, but it’s still not there? how to do that, help???