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From My Point Of View… Seth Godin Got It Wrong

What Seth Godin calls ‘advertising’… I call ‘national advertising’ and what he calls ‘clutter’… I call ‘the widespread ability for a small business to effectively and affordably brand their business for the first time in history.’ A couple of examples … Continue reading

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Google Makes Exception To Display URL Policy For Large Advertiser?

Bill Hartzer has written an important post explaining how Google’s display url policy will effect large local search marketers like ReachLocal. Bill shows a good example of how ReachLocal’s advertisers could be adversely effected by the policy change. However, it … Continue reading

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Top 10 Responses To Debra Mastaler’s Link For Sex Proposition From Those You Know And Love

Yesterday, The Link Spiel wrote one of those headlines that takes just a minute to pen but is difficult to resist: Links For Sex, so click-through I did. And of course she had to know that some knucklehead would come … Continue reading

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A Lesson In Social Media From Benjamin Franklin – A Little President’s Day Fun

Yes, I know Benjamin Franklin was not a President but I do believe he is as responsible for the way in which we are governed as any one man. And though Thomas Jefferson was an awesome writer… I don’t think … Continue reading

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Another Reason For Local Businesses To Get Social… Stumbleupon Stars On Google Maps

If you’re a small business with very good content, the kind that those who hang out in social media sites would like, I would suggest submitting that content to stumbleupon. Because when these folks finally turn off their computer (it … Continue reading

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A Map Link in An Adwords’ Ad? Yup, it’s called the Local Plus Box

This is the first I’ve noticed this… a link in an Adwords ad that allows you to click and a map of the businesses location will drop down… check it out. When you click on the link it gives a … Continue reading

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Thin-Slice Your Target Market

You want to the know the value of your target market? Your market share? You could hire a market research company to conduct surveys and count beans and all of that. Or you could thin-slice it! Thin-Slicing Thin-slicing is a … Continue reading

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TrueLocal, TrueCustomer Service, TrueMarketing

I have now received 3 messages (2 emails and 1 letter to my house!) from TrueLocal telling me that they are going to give me 2 months of Free Advertising and a $150 credit for free advertising. Now, I know … Continue reading

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Search Marketers: You May Never Look At Stumbleupon The Same Way Again

In a typical evening, I will spend a few hours reading blogs about search marketing. I will focus on anything that has to do with local, but will read anything that catches my eye. I start with the ones I … Continue reading

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The Best $40 You Ever Spent on Networking… Plus A Worthy Cause

A great opportunity to network with folks from the SMX Social Media Expo in NYC: EVEN for people not attending the conference: IMNY Charity Party Sponsored by the Best of the Web. Plus, you help fight cancer. Truly great. Details: … Continue reading

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