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Yellow Pages… Better Results Than Google?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the death of the yellow pages, however, much of what I read is anecdotal. There is little doubt that yp usage is slipping but the reports I read would have you believe that … Continue reading

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Yahoo! Shoved A Red Hot Poker Up The Backside Of My Linkless Local Sites

Yahoo! recently said, we’re rolling out some changes to our crawling, indexing, and ranking algorithms.” Is this to the detriment of the linkless local site? 2 Sites I manage that ranked well in Yahoo! for their industry+county disappeared. Both ranked … Continue reading

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It’s No Secret… Link Building In Local Search Is Different

Having spent so much time over the past year reading about SEO, in an effort to figure out the best-practices of great SEOs; I have found one principle that comes up time and again: Symmetry. I think great SEOs look … Continue reading

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Get To The First Page Of Google: The 4 Essentials Of Ranking A LinkLess Small Business Website

#1 – Paraphrasing Mike Grehan, author of The Search Engine Marketing Book: If you create a page about a unique word or phrase, you can easily rank for that term. As an example, if you were to create a site … Continue reading

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Nobody Wants To Admit The Problem With Local Is The Lack Of SEO

There is a post on local search over at Search Engine Land recounting what the big boys of local search are talking about at the conference. It begins with: Huge market, huge confusion, huge challenges—that could summarize discussion on the … Continue reading

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Forget Keyword Stuffing on Local Websites

I guess stuffing the names of towns into local business websites has been around for as long as the internet, but every time I see it I get annoyed. I don’t know why… wait… yes I do… because it’s a … Continue reading

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