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The .02 Minimum Bid And Split-Testing

I got a little lazy the other day, while going through an Adwords account that I am managing, and rather than write a new ad to compete with the winner of a split-test… I paused it; and a funny thing … Continue reading

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Phone Numbers In PPC Ads Show Promise

With the upcoming change to Google’s display URL policy on redirects, I have been rewriting my PPC ads. I have had a difficult time defeating the click-through rates of the display url:, that is re-directing to the website. I … Continue reading

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Geotargeting Adwords For Local Business: Buyer Beware

I recently read a well-written article by Search Engine Guide, which outlined the ways one can use the geo-targeting features of Google Adwords. My problem with this article and the other ones on the subject that I have read lately, … Continue reading

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A Map Link in An Adwords’ Ad? Yup, it’s called the Local Plus Box

This is the first I’ve noticed this… a link in an Adwords ad that allows you to click and a map of the businesses location will drop down… check it out. When you click on the link it gives a … Continue reading

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An Adwords Tip From The Masters: Get Your Local Site To #1

Presumably those writing and selling guides for Adwords are pretty good at it themselves, so let’s have a look and see if they care about the display url: Notice the keyword is “Adwords guide” and each of these PPC Jedi … Continue reading

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Increase CTR And Conversions By Reading Your Customer’s Mind

What is a person looking for when they go to a search engine and type in: ‘Painter Paramus NJ’ ? Because of the geographic indicator, we can probably rule out Van Gogh, Mona Lisa and that stuff. So, it is … Continue reading

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You May Never Need To Read Another Post About Writing Headlines

CopyBlogger has two awesome posts on writing headlines: 10 sure-fire headlines and later they added 7 more magnetic headlines. I would like to an 18th to the list that can be very effective for many different service businesses. And with … Continue reading

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More Evidence That Google’s Broad Match Was Expanded

SEM Clubhouse wrote a very good post on Expanded Broad Match being Corrupt Since Aug 20th and I agree when he says “Broad Match was expanded way too much.” I will share with you 2 experiences that convince me he … Continue reading

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Get Your Local Site To #1 on Google PPC

Scaling the mountain to the coveted #1 spot on Google with PPC can be done in 2 ways; you can pay your way to the top or write your way to the top. The oversimplified formula for ranking is ($bid) … Continue reading

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