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70% Increase In Conversion And A Lesson In Human Nature

Although every website defines conversion a little differently, we all need visitors to take some desired action. We need them to advance one step at a time until hopefully they become a customer. Because ours is a service business we … Continue reading

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The Most Important Analytics In Local Search

The analytics of local search are different than e-commerce; avg. time on site, pages/visit & bounce rate are largely measures of engagement and e-commerce. Yet, us local searcherati try to fit these square pegs into our round holes. Why? Because … Continue reading

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What Is Direct Traffic In Google Analytics?

Digital Alex defines Direct Traffic perfectly at Search Marketing Gurus as These are visitors who came to your site without first visiting a search engine, another site or some marketing tactic. This post will take that last part – “some … Continue reading

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More Local Search Analytics

I discovered Mongoose Metrics a few weeks back and I’m surprised by how much I was missing. I was blind and now can see. On one of the sites I manage, I segmented the traffic sources and used separate phone … Continue reading

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Split Testing Local Search

The best team wins nearly every game and the faster runner wins nearly every race, so are we surprised that the best ad gets nearly every phone call? For similar sized ads; the standard deviation of the calls received from … Continue reading

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My Dirty Little Secret – “I have a small analytic”

I recently read an article by Dr Pete discussing conversion rates and one of the points he made was that nobody seems to share theirs. Hmmmm… could that be because we are all insecure about our conversion rate. Maybe… no … Continue reading

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Don’t Sabotage Your Campaign With A Tracking 1-800#

I’ve been seeing more and more local campaigns set up on search engines with no local phone number. The only number on these sites is a 1-800#… I assume this is done for analytics… and it is a bad idea … Continue reading

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What I Would Expect When Reviewing A Keyword Report For A Local Search Campaign

In my last post, I showed you a keyword report from a campaign put together by a yellow pages company managing a paid search campaign for a local advertiser. In this post, I am going to show you another keyword … Continue reading

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SMB: Focus On The Here And Now

Chris Silver-Smith wrote a well articulated piece about Internet Yellow Pages being Toast in 4 years that set off a bit of a fire storm among yellow pages advocates. I’ve also read a lot on the internet about the print … Continue reading

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I get a warm feeling when I look at my analytics and see my efforts bear fruit… don’t we all. I use multiple analytic providers, Google Analytics for conversions and the rest and Shiny Stat to keep an eye on … Continue reading

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