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The Best $40 You Ever Spent on Networking… Plus A Worthy Cause

A great opportunity to network with folks from the SMX Social Media Expo in NYC: EVEN for people not attending the conference: IMNY Charity Party Sponsored by the Best of the Web. Plus, you help fight cancer. Truly great. Details: … Continue reading

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SMB: Focus On The Here And Now

Chris Silver-Smith wrote a well articulated piece about Internet Yellow Pages being Toast in 4 years that set off a bit of a fire storm among yellow pages advocates. I’ve also read a lot on the internet about the print … Continue reading

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Nobody Wants To Admit The Problem With Local Is The Lack Of SEO

There is a post on local search over at Search Engine Land recounting what the big boys of local search are talking about at the conference. It begins with: Huge market, huge confusion, huge challenges—that could summarize discussion on the … Continue reading

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Do It Yourself Website And Promotion On A Shoe String

I read an interesting post recently by David Wallace on On Increasing the Visibility of a Small Business Website on a Shoestring Budget. He gave some interesting advice for a small business starting on the web. I would like to … Continue reading

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The 2 Most Important Posts in Local Search

There are 2 local search posts that taken together give us the necessary information to start making good advertising decisions. They provide practical information that can be used immediately to attract the majority of local searchers in your area to … Continue reading

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Get Your Local Site To #1 on Google PPC

Scaling the mountain to the coveted #1 spot on Google with PPC can be done in 2 ways; you can pay your way to the top or write your way to the top. The oversimplified formula for ranking is ($bid) … Continue reading

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Google Maps Provides Good Results For County Search

Go to Yahoo, et al. and do a search for a ‘business type’ and select your home county as the ‘geography’, you will get a message saying something like; “we are not able to find that location”. Not on … Continue reading

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Optimize Your Local Site… For Your Customers

If you are able to completely fill out the Business Profile offered free from sites like Yahoo! Local and, you will enhance your credibility big-time, which means more customers for you . But you have to fill it out … Continue reading

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Editorial Citations and Mis-Use of the No-Follow Tag

Browsing through Yahoo! Answers I saw that someone had asked for help in “improving their website’s rank in Google. I thought the answer given was a very good one. Here is the screen shot: This is by any definition an … Continue reading

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I get a warm feeling when I look at my analytics and see my efforts bear fruit… don’t we all. I use multiple analytic providers, Google Analytics for conversions and the rest and Shiny Stat to keep an eye on … Continue reading

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