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Smooth Reviews Like Service Magic

The company I work for has been in business for over 8 years, does great work and has exactly 0 reviews in Yahoo and another 0 in google. Not that surprised are you? I know. But I find this surprising… … Continue reading

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Studio iPhone

30 years ago people lined up outside Studio 54 to buy expensive drinks and snort coke with famous people, today they are lined up outside the Apple Store at the Garden State plaza in Paramus to get the latest in … Continue reading

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Yellow Pages… Better Results Than Google?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the death of the yellow pages, however, much of what I read is anecdotal. There is little doubt that yp usage is slipping but the reports I read would have you believe that … Continue reading

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Throw Away Your Resume And Find The Perfect Job

I met with the owner of a multi-million dollar company (in terms of revenue) and within an hour was offered my dream job along with a package that included a good salary plus an equity stake… did I mention it … Continue reading

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Local Seo Is Easy… Just Create A Good Yellow Page Ad

The first site I got to the first of page of results for a specific keyword, I did so, quite by accident. When I designed the site I did so with PPC in mind and I included all the copy … Continue reading

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More Local Search Analytics

I discovered Mongoose Metrics a few weeks back and I’m surprised by how much I was missing. I was blind and now can see. On one of the sites I manage, I segmented the traffic sources and used separate phone … Continue reading

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From My Point Of View… Seth Godin Got It Wrong

What Seth Godin calls ‘advertising’… I call ‘national advertising’ and what he calls ‘clutter’… I call ‘the widespread ability for a small business to effectively and affordably brand their business for the first time in history.’ A couple of examples … Continue reading

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The .02 Minimum Bid And Split-Testing

I got a little lazy the other day, while going through an Adwords account that I am managing, and rather than write a new ad to compete with the winner of a split-test… I paused it; and a funny thing … Continue reading

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Google Makes Exception To Display URL Policy For Large Advertiser?

Bill Hartzer has written an important post explaining how Google’s display url policy will effect large local search marketers like ReachLocal. Bill shows a good example of how ReachLocal’s advertisers could be adversely effected by the policy change. However, it … Continue reading

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Split Testing Local Search

The best team wins nearly every game and the faster runner wins nearly every race, so are we surprised that the best ad gets nearly every phone call? For similar sized ads; the standard deviation of the calls received from … Continue reading

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