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No Bail Out For Yellow Pages

Greg Sterling has been writing a lot about the possible disappearance of newspapers. Seth Godin has also speculated about newspapers’ disappearance. I think both of them and others are talking about them because they feel like it is really important; … Continue reading

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You-Tube Rating System – A Pre-Emptive Word

In the mid 60′s, the word ‘screw’ and the phrase’hump the hostess’ were said in the film ‘Whose Afraid Of Virgina Wolf?.’ People freaked out and the Movie Ratings system was born and from it sprang the porn industry. Earlier … Continue reading

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Local Search Marketing Gets A Little Easier With GetListed.Org

Search Engine Land has an article about a new web based tool that helps small business owners to take the first step in Local Search – claiming their business profiles, You just enter the name of your business and … Continue reading

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How To Opt Out Of Telephone Book Delivery

Chris Silver Smith wrote a post on saving the yellow pages over at Search Engine Land last week. He outlined 10 points that could help the yellow pages industry. Though I have tremendous respect for Chris Silver Smith I disagreed … Continue reading

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Am I Social Enough For Social Media?

Will Scott, a search marketer in New Orleans, who I’ve met online, emailed me yesterday asking me if there was a way we could talk. “IM? Twitter? That email was sent around 10:30am, I responded “not really” at around 3 … Continue reading

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Might Idearc’s Impending Bankruptcy Be The End Of The Yellow Pages?

Where can you buy a company that generated $377 million in cash after expenses in the first 9 months of this year for a total of $14.6 million? Check your local yellow pages. Though Idearc has not made any announcement … Continue reading

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Unleashing The IdeaVirus In Local – Video Email

While technology has made it more difficult to build one’s brand by spending lots of money, it has made it a lot easier to build a brand while spending no money. Let me show you how the owner of a … Continue reading

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Multiple Google Accounts And Other G-Phone Discoveries

Knowing this url: or doing a search on Google for ‘my account’ (it’s the 3rd result) will allow you to manage multiple accounts on Google. Good to know, if for example you have one for business and one for … Continue reading

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G Phone Calling… HellOOOooo!

Back in May, after weeks of consideration, I had made the decision to purchase an iPhone. Soon after that, Apple announced 3g so I decided to wait. Finally, in July with much anticipation I trekked over to the Apple Store … Continue reading

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What Is Direct Traffic In Google Analytics?

Digital Alex defines Direct Traffic perfectly at Search Marketing Gurus as These are visitors who came to your site without first visiting a search engine, another site or some marketing tactic. This post will take that last part – “some … Continue reading

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