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The Price is Right for Yahoo! local

The recent changes to Yahoo! local were accompanied by a change to their rate sheet. The previous pricing was fixed fee based on cities and a graduating scale of fees from high traffic to low traffic areas. The lowest price … Continue reading

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The Next Revolution in Local Has Begun

Yahoo! Local recently made some changes that other local portals are sure to follow: The first is the ability to comment on reviews. Any local site that has reviews will certainly have to adopt this innovation. Yahoo is promoting it … Continue reading

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Top 10 Excuses for Not Sphinning a Good Article

10. I heard it was a popularity contest and I don’t know whose popular. 9. I thought they might sphinn mine and I heard Google frowns on reciprocal sphinning 8. I was too busy reading Jill Whalen’s highly acclaimed post … Continue reading

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Securing A Top 3 Spot in Google Maps

Allpages is the key to ranking in Google Maps. I haven’t tested this or anything but it seem logical. Allpages is the only Internet Yellow Pages I’ve found that does not allow business owners to add their listing to the … Continue reading

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Forget Keyword Stuffing on Local Websites

I guess stuffing the names of towns into local business websites has been around for as long as the internet, but every time I see it I get annoyed. I don’t know why… wait… yes I do… because it’s a … Continue reading

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3 Simple Steps to Improve Your Local Website

Most of the web sites I see local businesses use are 5 page sites set-up something like: Home Page About Us Services Page Under Construction Contact Us Now let’s take 3 simple steps to improve this site’s visibility and conversions. … Continue reading

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