Another Reason For Local Businesses To Get Social… Stumbleupon Stars On Google Maps

If you’re a small business with very good content, the kind that those who hang out in social media sites would like, I would suggest submitting that content to stumbleupon. Because when these folks finally turn off their computer (it could take awhile) they will shop in their local area and I bet an awful lot of them will use Google to do it. And boy will you stand out with a Stumbler in this sea of 10.


This is an Actual Screen shot pulled from Google during a search for plumbers in Dallas

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6 Responses to Another Reason For Local Businesses To Get Social… Stumbleupon Stars On Google Maps

  1. I daresay that it’s because you have the SU toolbar being viewed/used. If you disable it, I don’t think those results appear. SU shows results in the SERPs generally. That said, you’re right that this helps distinguish a local site for CTR…

  2. MiriamEllis says:

    Gab, is that what’s happening with this? I couldn’t figure it out.

    Whatever the case, super find, Tim! What a screenshot.

  3. Jeff Quipp says:

    Gab is right … that is exactly what is happening. Just like when you’ve got the SU toolbar enabled, and SU icons appear with listings in the search results, they also accompany the results for Google Maps.

  4. Hey Gab… thanks for the clarification. I figured that it was only good to attract fellow stumblers… but, hey, every little bit helps.

    Imagine the stirrings if this listing was in the number 1 position… I don’t think would’ve even showed it!

  5. This is a very telling post. It begs the question of what featured tags will appear. Let’s remove ourselves from Google for a minute, What about a search via your set-top box?

    What cable co’s or phone co’s are doing this? Where does the ‘natural’ index results end and the ‘favored’ results begin? I see ‘natural’ results becoming really scattered. Not only from the handful of major SE’s but now from the coming wave of offline providers converging search online.

    I always wondered who will be the ‘man’ who decides what is most relevant.

    Sorry this post is full of more questions than answers but I think it’s a great topic to explore.

  6. earlpearl says:


    That is an excellent find. There is a qualitative difference between a business operator or staff person for a business who is responsable for marketing and either an SEM or advertising agency handling a business’s marketing.

    The owner/in house person should be tracking everything that adds to visability. The outside agency probably won’t do that or isn’t tasked to do it.

    Having done both in some fashion, from the owner’s perspective I love having seen that. I want every bit of marketing advantage I can get.

    If there are 50 stumblers in my metro area who have the stumble toolbar and 2 of them search for my service and see the stumble reference and decide to use my services because of that connection I’ve got that little advantage.

    I love the aggregate value of all those little marketing advantages. It definitely adds up.

    With a new business in a new market in an industry which is dependant on web visability I love that advantage. Right now I’ve got it. I have no idea how many stumblers there are in this market…but there are some.

    One other thing, getting a stumble is free advertising. Why wouldn’t one do that. Thanks for the heads up.

    I’ve bookmarked this page.