“All My Business Is Referred”

“All my business is referred” and “It’s all word of mouth” are often said by business owners when they are declining new advertising opportunities. It’s often said with a great deal of pride, which it should be… it says that the business is treating it’s customers well.

However, I think, some business owners take this too far and tie it in with esteem or ego. And that could be limiting… so let’s take a quick look at why this may be happening.

Go to a search engine and type in the name of your company and town. Chances are that you come up, right?

Now, do another search and type in the category of your business plus the town and then some of the surrounding communities.

If you are like most businesses you came in the first search, in the second it got a little tougher and the third search we may have lost you.

So, the reason all the business is from word of mouth is that your only opportunity for new business comes when someone knows your name well enough to type it in. Where else, but referrals, could it come from?

I understand that referred business is the best and I don’t mean to come across like search is the only answer… could be yellow pages, direct mail etc. I’m just saying not to limit yourself. And when ALL the business is word of mouth it says as much about your lack of advertising as it does your wonderfulness… so don’t make it an ego thing… you will only hurt yourself.

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2 Responses to “All My Business Is Referred”

  1. LocalBizBits says:

    I cannot agree with you more on this. Many small business say that they have enough business via word of mouth, thus they do not need to do anymore “marketing”. I do not think you can have enough marketing especially for the small business on a budget.

  2. billi says:

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