Tim Coleman has spent the last 13 years helping local businesses find new customers. First with Bell Atlantic as a Yellow Pages sales rep and then Verizon, then Idearc. When Superpages.com adapted a Pay Per Click Platform in 2004, Tim left sales and began training sales on this new product.

For the next few years Tim served as a sort of liaison from e-comm marketing to sales and had the pleasure of training all the internet products as they came out. “In the last year I was there I had the privilege of training such products as a new Internet Video Product, a Google/Yahoo Pay Per Click product, Search Engine Optimization, and essential copywriting for local advertising that was based on some pretty serious research.”

In June of 2008, I left Idearc to start up a Search Marketing Division at A Second Opinion, a 25 year-old local advertising agency.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about local search. And I continue to learn more everyday. Bookmarks – online and off are out of control… I needed to write it all down, have access to it and organize it. So I decided on this format. The blog would allow me to categorize the information and allow me access to it from anywhere. It also affords me the opportunity to share it; and perhaps most importantly, to receive feedback.

I hope you find this information helpful and I hope you will let me know when you have. And if you find the posts to be less than helpful I hope you will let me know that as well.

The goal for all of this is to reduce all the information on local search to the essentials for success.

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