This is the first I’ve noticed this… a link in an Adwords ad that allows you to click and a map of the businesses location will drop down… check it out.


When you click on the link it gives a nice map of the location of the business:


Pretty Cool. According to the Adwords’ Blog, to show up it must be a local business ad geo-targeted and have a high enough bid and quality score to be in the top position.


7 Responses to A Map Link in An Adwords’ Ad? Yup, it’s called the Local Plus Box

  1. Charles M. says:

    I serve mostly local small business, this addition was great! Now the local sponsored links on Google Maps is great as well.

  2. William says:

    Great info!

  3. I am using Adword for my affiliate program

  4. Adword is a great program

  5. Maplink for Adword?
    What it means /

  6. Thanks for the great tip

  7. So funny, Google Map is using adwords

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