6 Responses to A Call To The Local Searcherati: Embrace Small Business Brief

  1. MiriamEllis says:

    Hi Tim,
    I agree, Small Business Brief deserves more attention.

    It’s an interesting situation.

    You’ve got Sphinn, undoubtedly the most popular industry SM site, but the focus there has really veered towards news and Social Media. So many posts about Facebook, Twitter, etc. You do sometimes get super small business/local articles there, but they are more the exception than the rule, perhaps because the majority of sphinners are either working with medium/large firms and because there is major interest in Social Media.

    But for small business owners and the people who work with them, Small Business Brief is a perfect, friendly resource.

    Your post is making me feel badly for not having joined there yet. My work schedule is so nuts these days, I feel really happy when I get through all of my favorite blogs/forums/Sphinn, etc. by the end of the day. But, I believe SBB would be worth the time (if I could find the time!)

    By the way, that article of Donna’s was just great, wasn’t it? I had no idea before reading it that it’s possible to use the photos that way. Really cool.

    Nice post, Tim.

  2. Will Scott says:

    Hey Tim,

    I’ve always thought of Search Engine Guide and their associated forum as hidden gems.


    I think what I love about them is they aren’t geared to search marketers. My sense, having lurked and contributed for a while, is they are more truly geared to small businesses trying to figure it out.

    In other words (do keep this between us) the users there represent our perfect market :)

    I believe in it so much that We’re actually sponsoring a dinner at their upcoming shindig in Houston http://unleashed.smallbusinessanswers.com/

    So, in short (too late), I’m with ya. Search Engine Guide and the Small Business Brief, while successful enough, are definitely not getting their due.

    Just goes to show, humbly plodding along doesn’t net you the attention of showboating.


  3. It’s true Miriam, I spend a lot more time on Sphinn too. There’s a lot of action there and one can learn a lot hanging around there… and time is a major factor.. I’m just trying to spend a little more time at Small Business Brief and it would be better with of the localers

    Will, that’s interesting… I hadn’t thought about that. Please post about your time at the table; I would be most interested.

  4. Susan Quinn says:

    Another Digg-type site for small businesses is bizSugar (http://www.bizsugar.com). So far, it’s become my favorite. But like SBB, it needs a larger user base.

  5. Thanks Susan, I hadn’t heard of them… I’ll definitely drop by there tonite and check it out.

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