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Local Domain Names… Still An Opportunity?

Checking out a domain auction recently, I noticed is on the block. Asking price? $25,000. So, far no takers, but it got me thinking about local domains. Have these started to take off in price too? You bet… check … Continue reading

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Phone Numbers In PPC Ads Show Promise

With the upcoming change to Google’s display URL policy on redirects, I have been rewriting my PPC ads. I have had a difficult time defeating the click-through rates of the display url:, that is re-directing to the website. I … Continue reading

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Yahoo! Shoved A Red Hot Poker Up The Backside Of My Linkless Local Sites

Yahoo! recently said, we’re rolling out some changes to our crawling, indexing, and ranking algorithms.” Is this to the detriment of the linkless local site? 2 Sites I manage that ranked well in Yahoo! for their industry+county disappeared. Both ranked … Continue reading

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Choose Your SEM Wisely… Power To The People!

I was talking to Will Scott on the phone last week; I found talking to a busy local seo on the phone a little like riding a NYC subway at rush hour… we later resumed the conversation by email; but … Continue reading

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Top 10 Responses To Debra Mastaler’s Link For Sex Proposition From Those You Know And Love

Yesterday, The Link Spiel wrote one of those headlines that takes just a minute to pen but is difficult to resist: Links For Sex, so click-through I did. And of course she had to know that some knucklehead would come … Continue reading

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Internet Advertising Matrix

With recently changing it’s advertising format, and Microsoft adding a link to make it easy for a small business to add their business info, I decided I needed a place to keep track of it all. So, I set … Continue reading

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