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Local Search Engine Marketing: Overcoming Advertisers’ 3 Fears

The 3 fears that all small businesses must overcome to be active in local search engine marketing are: Local Search Engine Marketing doesn’t work. Local Search won’t work for my type of business Search Marketing won’t work for me. Afraid … Continue reading

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An Adwords Tip From The Masters: Get Your Local Site To #1

Presumably those writing and selling guides for Adwords are pretty good at it themselves, so let’s have a look and see if they care about the display url: Notice the keyword is “Adwords guide” and each of these PPC Jedi … Continue reading

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“All My Business Is Referred”

“All my business is referred” and “It’s all word of mouth” are often said by business owners when they are declining new advertising opportunities. It’s often said with a great deal of pride, which it should be… it says that … Continue reading

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Local Search #1 Rule And Surprise: Look Who’s Breaking It!

Local Search #1 Rule Advertise on sites that a person would logically use when actively seeking to purchase from a business like yours. A couple of examples… could you picture someone going to Google or and typing in your … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget… Business Reviews Are Searchable

They found your site and they liked it… you charmed ‘em with that ‘about us’ smile… and they are just about to pick up the phone and call you… but they stop and think… “wonder what others are saying about … Continue reading

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Only 2435 Subscibers Short Of Andy Beard And Closing Fast… 3 RSS Power Tips

In this post, I will show you how to add subscribers at a blistering pace; as I have over the past month. Power Tip #1 – The Awesome Default RSS Widget This image is from the Google Analytics site overlay, … Continue reading

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From 0 To PageRank 4 In 1 Month: Interview With Local Seo Andrew Shotland

I caught up with Andrew Shotland of Local Seo Guide yesterday between “a painful SEO audit” and Trick-or-Treating. The interview was done over the phone, and I found Andrew to be fast-paced and friendly; a let’s-get-it-done kinda guy. I emailed … Continue reading

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