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Increase CTR And Conversions By Reading Your Customer’s Mind

What is a person looking for when they go to a search engine and type in: ‘Painter Paramus NJ’ ? Because of the geographic indicator, we can probably rule out Van Gogh, Mona Lisa and that stuff. So, it is … Continue reading

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Get To The First Page Of Google: The 4 Essentials Of Ranking A LinkLess Small Business Website

#1 – Paraphrasing Mike Grehan, author of The Search Engine Marketing Book: If you create a page about a unique word or phrase, you can easily rank for that term. As an example, if you were to create a site … Continue reading

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Thin-Slice Your Target Market

You want to the know the value of your target market? Your market share? You could hire a market research company to conduct surveys and count beans and all of that. Or you could thin-slice it! Thin-Slicing Thin-slicing is a … Continue reading

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TrueLocal, TrueCustomer Service, TrueMarketing

I have now received 3 messages (2 emails and 1 letter to my house!) from TrueLocal telling me that they are going to give me 2 months of Free Advertising and a $150 credit for free advertising. Now, I know … Continue reading

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Search Marketers: You May Never Look At Stumbleupon The Same Way Again

In a typical evening, I will spend a few hours reading blogs about search marketing. I will focus on anything that has to do with local, but will read anything that catches my eye. I start with the ones I … Continue reading

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You May Never Need To Read Another Post About Writing Headlines

CopyBlogger has two awesome posts on writing headlines: 10 sure-fire headlines and later they added 7 more magnetic headlines. I would like to an 18th to the list that can be very effective for many different service businesses. And with … Continue reading

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Don’t Sabotage Your Campaign With A Tracking 1-800#

I’ve been seeing more and more local campaigns set up on search engines with no local phone number. The only number on these sites is a 1-800#… I assume this is done for analytics… and it is a bad idea … Continue reading

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More Evidence That Google’s Broad Match Was Expanded

SEM Clubhouse wrote a very good post on Expanded Broad Match being Corrupt Since Aug 20th and I agree when he says “Broad Match was expanded way too much.” I will share with you 2 experiences that convince me he … Continue reading

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What I Would Expect When Reviewing A Keyword Report For A Local Search Campaign

In my last post, I showed you a keyword report from a campaign put together by a yellow pages company managing a paid search campaign for a local advertiser. In this post, I am going to show you another keyword … Continue reading

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5 Basic Questions To Ask Your Local SEM

I recently came across a keyword report provided by an IYP doing paid-search advertising for a local advertiser. The advertiser is a Heating & Air guy located in Central New Jersey. I’m not going to say what IYP managed this … Continue reading

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